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Discover organizes employees to participate in intermediate fitter knowledge training,get new knowledge !

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Intermediate fitter training

For employees in the machinery industry, they must be proficient in theoretical knowledge and practical operational capabilities to meet actual application requirements. In order to improve the business knowledge, professionalism, work speed and quality of all employees, Discover machinery organizes employees to carry out intermediate fitter training.

    Participants in the training include teachers who have been on the job for many years, as well as young students who have just graduated from colleges. The teacher Fang Yun Guan has both pictures and texts, plus a video to give us a vivid explanation of fitter knowledge. In the past two days, we have learned the correct use of measuring tools and threaded connections. The teacher explained the basic knowledge of the structure, measurement and reading of the vernier caliper, usage and daily maintenance, and micrometer reading in class.

Focus on learning

     The basic operation process of fitter is to be able to make accurate measurements, and it is necessary to make scientific use of vernier calipers. Before using the vernier caliper, check whether the measuring claw and the measuring edge of the vernier caliper are straight and undamaged. When measuring the depth and height of the hole, the measuring surface of the depth gauge must be close to the bottom of the hole. The depth gauge must be vertical and not tilted forward, backward, left, and right. When making measurement readings, pay attention to placing the vernier caliper in a horizontal position, and the line of sight should be perpendicular to the surface of the scale line, and the quality of the line of sight should not be skewed during reading. Only when these basic construction aspects are strengthened, can the quality of operation be guaranteed and the work efficiency level of fitter can be truly guaranteed.

     Employees also learn technical knowledge about screws and bolts, such as sequence, force ratio, etc. Many of the simple operations that we think are actually related to universities. A good theoretical knowledge can improve the accuracy of mechanical assembly. The employees who participated in the training listened carefully and took notes, benefited a lot and felt a lot.

Join Discover Machinery and create the future together

     If you want to become a pioneer in the industry, upgrading your own skill level is essential. It not only affects wages, but also an affirmation of our "combat value." Learning is a compulsory course on our way forward. Through learning and training fitter knowledge, we not only improve ourselves, but also enable us to respond more calmly and accurately at work.

     And Discover Machinery can provide employees with learning opportunities, help them to realize their personal potential, and create a better platform for you to learn more knowledge. Join the new discovery family, we create the future together!

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