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Discover dual prevention mechanism is working

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Discover has recently carried out work safety, upholding the safety first, do a good job in the dual prevention mechanism of all kinds of requirements, and strive to achieve zero accidents!

To build a dual prevention mechanism is to document security risks one by one, and adopt a dual prevention mechanism of risk classification control and hidden danger detection and treatment.Generally speaking, double prevention mechanism is a double firewall to prevent production safety accidents.

The first firewall is the management of risk, based on the identification and control of security risk, from the source of the system identification of risk, hierarchical control of risk, efforts to control all kinds of risk in an acceptable range, eliminate and reduce the hidden dangers of accidents;Enterprises to identify the security risks are classified, for different categories of security risks, adopt corresponding risk assessment method to determine the safety level of risk, security risk assessment process should be highlighted to curb major workplace accidents, attention to expose the crowd, focus on major hazards, the labor intensive place, high-risk operation process, and affected the size of the crowd, eople should fill in the list, and summarize major security risk, and from the aspects of organization, system, technology and emergency security risks for effective control, to pride of place and key areas respectively set up safety risk boards, and production safety risks to card.We will comprehensively investigate risk points, risk factors and sources, strengthen risk management and control, and improve the essential safety of enterprises.

The second firewall is to deal with hidden danger, hidden danger screening and governance as a means, carefully check the risk control process in the absence of defects, loopholes and risk control failure link, resolutely eliminate hidden danger before the accident.The enterprise does not eliminate the hidden danger, the hidden danger will eliminate the enterprise, even causes the human to perish the enterprise to disappear the serious consequence.Better fight than die.

Security risk controls in place, as it were, would not form a hazard, hidden trouble in time when found governance can not be said, to double the working mechanisms of prevention, to each kind of risk control in the acceptable range, the each risk management at the beginning of the formation, the every accident in the bud.Production safety work, like other work, can only be controlled by abiding by the law. We must firmly adhere to the idea that accidents can be prevented and controlled, and put risk classification management and control and hidden danger detection and management firmly in front.

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