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How to do a good job of machinery factory management, the discovery is to do so!

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1. Solve problems in the first place

Factory managers must be a fast response, your work and your boss and subordinate problems should be found and timely find out the reason, treatment immediately, give people the answer is always "yes" or "no", fast reaction we can walk in front of others, as in the enterprise management, especially the production-oriented enterprises, product quality is great, even a seemingly small problem, improper handling can cause serious trouble, influence their lost credibility, prompt reply and solve problems of products.

2. There are urgent solutions to conflicts

When conflicts occur, as a manager, we must first deal with external conflicts, that is, first to ensure customer satisfaction, and then to deal with internal conflicts, prioritize, must reduce the ideological burden and psychological pressure of their subordinates, let them play light.

3. Guide to get the plan

When a subordinate raises a question, he/she should first come up with at least three schemes and repeatedly demonstrate which one is more suitable. Finally, the manager should guide and put forward his/her own Suggestions, so that the subordinate can improve faster.

4. Take things at a bigger level

Why can we be a manager of a machinery factory?It is because we know more than our subordinates, have a strong understanding and can think about problems comprehensively. We can consider problems from the perspective of the factory and grasp the direction. For example, how can you teach your subordinates about mechanical technology?

5. Make decisive decisions and deal with problems properly

Take the market as the leading, take the customer as the center, take the employee as the main body, handles the matter quickly and steadily, the company, the employee, the customer are satisfied;One action is more important than a bunch of useless projects.

6. Be good at listening to subordinates

Want to hear, excellent machinery factory manager is a good listener, conversation is an art, is a science of listening to people talk, managers must be good at listen to the heart-felt wishes of the subordinate managers naturally better than subordinates this is self-evident, so no need to emphasize this point, if always show yourself in front of the employees, is a kind of not wise.

When you take pride in your all-round ability and excellent performance, you know that you are beyond the limits of a manager. Don't interrupt.

7. Be a team player

Every member should take the overall interests of the factory as the highest interest, and not damage the interests of the factory for personal interests. Before doing everything, the interests of the whole team of the factory should be considered.Sincere cooperation, benefit sharing, scientific division of labor, team winning;Eating with a long spoon.

8, to know people, understand each person's strengths and weaknesses

Based on personal traits in the right position, to fully display their own space, let its free free to do things, you will find that they often performance good surprise you, not the pursuit of perfect people, there is nothing, only team can win over all rounded person, also don't demanding everyone like you so good, if so, then you might under his leadership, in the eyes of a good manager, everybody can use, just put the location of the different, avoid its shortcomings, exert its advantages, how to use the good one is good managers work on the goal of life,It is better to teach a man to fish than to give him fish.

9. Good at communication

Make it smooth up and down, make the information exchange more real, make the factory more able to work out the appropriate strategic plan, make the employees more real understanding of the factory's practice and implement it.

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