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address:No. 555, guangyu south road, guangchen town, pinghu city, zhejiang province, China

From 1998 to 2004: we entered the machinery industry, and customized processing equipment spare parts, abrasion tools and so on for foreign trade enterprises.

2005-2006: produce low speed paper cup machine.

2008: the enterprise decided to transform and upgrade, and developed full-automatic medium-speed paper cup machine.

2009: the first full-automatic medium-speed paper cup machine is produced in the newly discovered workshop.

2012: developed and produced the second generation of medium-speed paper cup machine.

2014: rated as a national high-tech enterprise, developed and produced paper container testing machine, and produced the third generation medium-speed paper cup machine through hard work and progress.

2015: developed new products, indentation machine, butterfly cup machine, packing machine and so on.

2016: won the title of "jiaxing city-level research and development center", designed and developed a new fourth-generation fast paper cup machine.

Products in 2017: We won the title of "The product of Zhejiang Province" and relocated a new factory.

2018: improve management, introduce fine management team, "four new" excellent enterprises in pinghu.

2019-20xx: we are working hard...

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